SOUTH AFRICA | Cape Peninsula & the Winelands

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Commonly mistaken for South Africa's capital city, Cape Town is a soft version of Africa and a nice place to start if it is your first time travelling the continent.

Rich in history, food, wine people and scenery, it is the idea landing point for a few days or a long weekend.

Certainly the most touristic area in South Africa, you wont have any problem finding your way around. If you have any uncertainties, I always recommend booking a ticket on the Citysightseeing bus (hop on hop off). It has several lines covering pretty much everything you may want to do in CPT. From the Cape Pinguins to the vineyards through the city centre.

Cape Town

Exclusively inhabited by the Koïkoï or Koïsan people, Dutch sailors started settling in this beautiful region as earl as the 16th century. Thus, the city streets are rich with old buildings and beautiful parks.

Of course, the city's highlight is the dramatic Table Mountain overlooking it. But several other places may catch on your interest:

  • BoKaap: Malay district, famous for its colorful houses and amazing malay curry.

  • Company Gardens: created in 1650 by the first settlers, this beautiful piece of land is the green heart of Cape Town. Do not miss the quircky squirrels.

  • V&A Waterfront: Stroll down the arbor and check out the craftshops. This renewed area is great to enjoy the ocean.

  • Khayelitsha: second biggest township in South Africa, this 3 mio inhabitants district of cape town is bursting with life. I will dedicate a post to tourism in townships. For now, here a link to a friend of ours giving bike tours.

Some more infos on the main attractions here below.

Table Mountain

The must-see of your trip. Home to the legendary dassy, and many other andemic flora and fauna, the mountain is accessible either by foot or by cable car.

- Cableway: Book ahead! The line is absolutely ridiculous. Also, even with a ticket, you will still have to queue long enough to enter the cablecar.

You can pre-book here.