SOUTH AFRICA | Accommodation: Where to sleep?

You are lost in between renting a van and camping around the country or simply ubering from an airbnb to the next? Here a list of accommodations that will let you make the most of your time in South Africa.


South Africa has a huge choice of beautiful and affordable houses and apartments for your city stays. Convenient, friendly and usually very stylish, staying at an airbnb will allow you to enjoy your host's advises of local attractions.

If you rent a car, make sure a parking spot is available for you (especially in old/narrow Capetown!).


Reliable, even if you're checking in late at night or early morning, this option is the easy one. Less personal and "authentic" than the airbnb, it does the job and usually have an inhouse breakfast option.


In parks, lodges are the best way to enjoy late night and early morning wild life. When sleeping in the parks, you enjoy earliest and latest driving times as well as an uncomparable silence for your sleep.

Camper van & tents

Afrikaans (with dutch ancestors) are close to their roots and South Africa has one of best camping network we have ever seen. Campings are huge with amazing facilities (pool, golf, spa, etc).

!!! NO WILD CAMPING IN SOUTH AFRICA!!! Try to always be at your camping spot by night (1. to be able to see well where you park and which spot to choose- 2. most car jackings happen at night. )

If you decide to go for the camper van option, you will be able to access most wildlife parks roads and see all the main sites of the country (roads are wide and well maintained). Yet, If you are a city person, you wont be able to park in Cape Town for example. Think of a fall back option for your city trips (camping outside the city and Uber in).

Great plus of the camper van: in wildlife parks, you have a great high up view on the animals, and if you decide to spend some time at a waterhole to spot thirsty buffalos, you will not have to worry about toilet breaks. Just stay comfortably in and grab a snack in your fridge if need be ;) Top renting company: motorhomerepublic.

Rooftop Tent

This is such an amazing way of discovering the country, especially national parks. A super rental company for 4x4 with rooftop tent: Britz.

Downside, having to pack the tent every morning.

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